About The Course

Our dance program consists out of the most popular social dances, that you can learn as a couple, group or as an individual without leaving your home.

What You Can Learn:

  • Over 3.5 Hours Of Dancing Content
  • Most Popular Social Dances That You Can Do At Your Living Room, Kitchen Or Around The Dinner Table
  • Exercise Cardio Routine
  • Stretching And Warming Up Routine To Improve Your Body Flexibility
  • Breakdown Of Every Step In Each Dance For Easy Learning
  • All Steps And Patterns Presented With The Music, Count, With And Without Partner
  • Tips On How To Learn To Move The Hips
  • Fundamentals Of Lead & Follow
  • Tips On How To Dance In The Small Space
  • Tips And Tricks On How To Do Under Arm Spins & Turns
  • Different Music Options For Every Dance
  • Exercise And Secrets For Good Head, Shoulders And Back Position
  • No Time Limit, Learn Everywhere And At Any Time
  • Exercise For Good Leading Skills
  • Tips On How To Move Smooth In All Dances
  • Tips On How To Move Fast In Latin Dances
  • New Additional Lesson Every Month

Great opportunity to improve your health, start a new hobby, exercise to stay in shape or to have a romantic date night with dinner and dancing at the living room.