About Us

Welcome to Everywhere I Dance, your first fully completed home dance studio. Our purpose is to enrich every home on the planet and bring the opportunity to improve your health, learn a new hobby or just to enjoy yourself thru the fun world of dancing. After 20 years of dancing and teaching experience, we want to share our knowledge and skills on how to learn dancing, without leaving your home. Our goal is to improve people lives, relationships as well as mental and physical health.

Experience romantic dinner and dancing in the living room. Or fun Salsa party with your friends without leaving your house. Learn to dance at the wedding or any other social parties. You can learn that and much more. It is an amazing opportunity for someone who has a limited time and can’t commit to take a dance lessons at this moment. Our dance program would be super beneficial for someone who has a zero-dance experience. Or for someone who is not feeling comfortable yet to take a dance lessons around other people.

With “Everywhere I Dance” course, you will learn the most popular social dances. You will learn the secrets and tricks about arm position for dancing. Tips about how to improve your posture for better balance and coordination. Discover the numbers of exercise to improve your leading & following skills. Leaders will learn how to DIP the followers. You will learn how to move your hips, how to turn, spin and many more. You will overcome shyness and start feeling more comfortable on the dance floor.

Our goal and purpose are huge but simple we believe that everyone should have a chance to learn how to dance.